Reproductive Endocrinology for Men & Women

Robert Howe MD–West Springfield and Northampton, MA

Robert Howe, MD, MA, has practiced reproductive endocrinology and gynecology in Western Massachusetts since 1989.

Dr. Howe specializes in treating osteoporosis, menopause, hypothyroidism, hormonal deficiencies in men and women, and other endocrine problems.  He provides both natural estrogen and natural testosterone therapy for appropriate patients.

He is well-regarded for his compassionate care, for taking the time to listen to patients, for turning over every stone until a patient’s concerns are answered.

From 1996–2017, Dr. Howe directed the Reproductive Medicine Center in East Longmeadow. In 2018, he became Director of Reproductive Endocrinology at Cooley Dickinson Medical Group, bringing his expertise to the greater Northampton community. This program was closed in November 2020 due to the viral epidemic. 

Dr. Howe now practices at Pioneer Spine and Sports Physicians in West Springfield and Northampton, where he can see most of his former patients. 

If you have seen Dr. Howe for osteoporosis, menopause, hypogonadism, thyroid disease, PCO or similar issues, you may continue your care uninterrupted at PSSP.   Call either of their numbers to make an appointment at the site you prefer.

If you have seen Dr. Howe for infertility, miscarriage, chronic pelvic pain, well-woman care or other gynecologic issues, he can no longer provide you with comprehensive care, as pelvic exams cannot be done at PSSP.  He will be happy to do limited consultations for such patients.

When you make an appointment to see Dr. Howe at PSSP, please have your records sent in advance as noted below.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. We look forward to serving you.

CLICK HERE to contact Dr Robert Howe

Patients wishing to schedule an appointment should contact Pioneer Sports and Spine in West Springfield
(271 Park Street,
413-785 1153)
or Northampton
(766 North King St,


Patients who have urgent gynecologic problems and need immediate care should contact Cooley Dickinson Women’s Health at (413) 586–9866.

Patients wishing to schedule an appointment should contact Pioneer Sports and Spine in West Springfield (271 Park Street, 413-785 1153) or Northampton (766 north King Street, 413-586-0230).

Patients requesting their records from 2013–2017 should contact Dr. Howe.
Patients requesting their records for the years 2018–2020 should also call Cooley Dickinson Women’s Health.
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